Floney Natural Honey Lozenge
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Floney Lemon Honey Lozenge
Cough suppressant
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Floney Cinnamon Honey Lozenge
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Floney Lavender Honey Lozenge
Tranquilizer, mood enhancer
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Floney Immune Bomb Honey Lozenge
Immune booster
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Floney Menthol Honey Lozenge
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Floney Ginger Honey Lozenge
Sore throat reliever
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Floney Matcha Honey Lozenge
Refreshing, Detoxifying
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We did it!

After many years of experimentation and development, we've achieved what we set out to do. We have created a product that is made from only natural ingredients and can be consumed as a food, a sweet and a medicine. With the special technology we have, we can solidify honey without using any additives to solidify it, preserving the beneficial properties and ingredients of the raw materials. Our products are now available and our range is constantly expanding. Have a look around.

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