About us

Floney products are made using a special technology that allows the honey to be brought to a solid state at room temperature, without the use of additives and without losing any of its beneficial and healthy components, and to be kept in this state in appropriate packaging. Thanks to this process, no natural or synthetic gelling agents, fibres, stock enhancers, starches, added sugars, stabilisers, preservatives, colourings, flavourings or any 'E' are used to solidify the honey.

The technology is unique in the world in that it achieves this change of state with the minimum possible intervention, so that the processed solid honey has almost identical parameters in composition and properties to the original raw material, preserving almost all the components of the honey. The cooperation between the Hungarian Pharma Commerce Kft., which carried out the initial development phase, and Felox Swiss GmbH of Switzerland has played a major role in the efforts and difficulties associated with the development. As a result of this joint work, the technology has undergone substantial modernisation, both in terms of the sourcing of quality raw materials and the manufacturing and packaging of the product. A milestone in the product's life cycle is that, in the spirit of Swiss quality consciousness, our manufacturing company successfully had its quality management system audited in 2020, which complies with the ISO 9001:2015 standard.

International patenting of the technology is in progress.

Our products contain only certified organic or bio certified honey from controlled sources and only organic or bio certified herbal extracts and fruit concentrates from Western European companies. These substances contribute to or complement the beneficial effects of honey, in order to make our products healthy for our consumers as food, confectionery and natural remedies.

Our dedication to quality means that we are constantly improving our technology, processes and products, based on the high level of expertise of our Hungarian and Swiss professionals.

Our objectives

To create natural-based products that contain as many of the beneficial and healthy ingredients of their raw materials as possible, creating a new form of consumption that makes honey, herbs, spices and fruit extracts part of an everyday, healthy lifestyle.

Our vision for the future

To promote and make available the values of honey and herbs and spices for all, to achieve a better quality of life.

Our values